Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Craft Space Overhaul! Part 5 (of 5)

This was a really big project! To see it from the start, click here.

Remember what my crafting area used to look like? In case you don't, one of the obligatory "before" photos is right over there. :) Everything was cluttered and unorganized, and there was a lot of valuable storage real-estate being taken up by boxes that should have been unpacked and/or stored in the attic four years ago when we moved in. The way that the table was set up, there wasn't enough room for me to sit centered and be comfortable, and the large surface area was a great clutter-magnet.

Over the course of this project, I learned some organizational techniques which I shared in the corresponding posts, and discovered quite a few materials (beads, mostly) that I had completely forgotten I even had. Some stripped screws stood between me and converting my craft table into a computer desk, but I took off one of the leaves to open up the back and am using it as a desk anyway. :P I also found new ways to approach organizing, and picked up some great new storage! There are still a few things I want to do with it, but I declare it "done enough". So, without further ado, here are my "after" photos...

New crafting area! I use my old computer desk (an antique writing desk that's been in the family for four generations now) as a crafting surface. I have my digital photo frame set up, along with a bucket for dry-erase pens and my DIY lightbox for taking photos. Some notes are taped to the wall.
POV of my crafting area. The glowy blue thing on the left is the photo frame. I have some wonderful light now, and can go directly from crafting to shooting product photos.
My little photo studio, now in a semi-permanent spot on the crafting desk. Also featured: a sneak-peek of a pair of feather earrings that I don't have listed yet. ;)
The newly cleaned-out and organized closet. I put the antique sewing cabinet thingy in there, but to open it, I'll need to pull it out, so I may need to find a different home for it. It has all my tools in it, sorted by function within its drawers. Speaking of drawers, I have my new bead-drawers stacked, too, and there are still a few boxes that I haven't gone through yet. I plan to screw jar lids to the underside of the cabinet so I can have extra storage there, and I saved the leaf from the table to salvage for more shelving.
Mounted on the outside closet door is a white board that's just been hanging out on my desk since Christmas. I have a Twitter promotion calendar with related hashtags to use, and a list of meals to make for the week is held on by a magnet. Side note: just the small, simple task of planning out the week's menu every week has been a huge time-saver for me, and we're eating healthy meals at home more often.
Finally, my revamped computer station. I minimized the surface area so that it'll be easier to dust, and the table is at a better spot for my wrists when using the mouse and keyboard. I have my little microbe plushie keeping me company, and my daughter added her own touch - a vintage My Little Pony that I saved for her from my own childhood toy collection. There's another MLP on my craft table, as pictured above. I have my printer behind the monitor, out of the way.
Like I said, there are a few other things I eventually want to do with the space (the wall above my crafting area, in particular, is just crying out for some sort of decoration), but it's good enough for right now! :) Hopefully this has been an inspiration to someone out there who has been looking to revamp their own craft room; if nothing else, I have photographic evidence of how bad it used to be, haha.

Update, 7/1/15: I finally went through two of the boxes that were still in the closet, and they were full of seed beads from my grandma. Check it out:

Baggies and shower hooks from the local dollar store. Beads are (mostly) organized by color, with a separate hook for some very sparkly beads in (relatively) small quantities. Off to the left are some other materials that were in the boxes, mostly shells.

If you have your own great organization tips, please share in the comments! :)

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