Monday, May 11, 2015

Craft Space Overhaul! Part 3

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After sorting through the piles of things in the closet and cleaning it up, I went out and purchased some storage items - three fabric boxes in a sky blue, and three stackable cabinets with three doors each. Here's what I have so far:

The closet as a whole.

Close-up of the shelf with boxes.
I found some vintage macrame books in some of the moving boxes while I was cleaning, as well as some other crafting literature, and there was just enough space on the shelf for the three boxes, the books, and my case of embroidery floss. I used to do quite a bit of cross-stitching, and I still have all my supplies in case I want to pick it back up, or if my daughter ever needs a hobby when she's older. My aunt got me into the hobby, and that's what I was doing right before I picked up on making jewelry. It was a very easy transition - floss for cross-stitching, then floss for friendship bracelets, then all sorts of other materials for all sorts of other jewelry. ;)

I admit to not being a very good Susie Homemaker - the items in the boxes are still in the bags that they were in when they were stashed in the closet before I cleaned it out. I didn't even dust off the bags, haha. Don't they look nicer in the boxes, though? Plus the boxes are sturdier than plastic bags alone; I can pull out a box as I need it without worrying about what's going to avalanche down on top of me. The box on the right has my cross-stitching and other embroidery supplies; the middle box has general crafting items (cardboard tubes, contact paper, and so on), and the left box has fabric and sewing supplies.

I don't have anything stored in the stackable drawer system yet; that's my big step for today. I plan to sort through my beads and put them into some sort of order, then store them in the drawers (while still in their plastic boxes - see #5 on this list). I have some larger storage cases and don't know what to do with them yet. Oh, and I went looking for jars with one-piece lids while I was buying the other storage pieces, and couldn't find any; all I found were two-piece lids for canning. My mom might have some mayo jars laying around (the old ones, back when the jars were still glass and the lids were metal), so I'll have to check with her. If not, then the canning jars might work; they're just not what I originally had in mind.

Quite possibly the smartest thing I did while creating this storage center was to take some of the stuff I wanted to store with me. In this case, I knew I wanted some drawers like the ones I got, but I also wanted to keep my beads in their boxes. Rather than take a lot of measurements, I just took one of my little bead boxes with me so that I knew at a glance whether the drawers were tall enough to fit the boxes. That is a free tip, from me to you. You're welcome. :P

Next step: sort the beads, stash them in the drawers, then see what else I still have laying around that I need to be able to neatly store. Once my craft table is cleared off, then I can see about maybe rearranging it and my computer desk to improve my work flow. Stay tuned. :)

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