Thursday, May 7, 2015

Craft Space Overhaul! Part 1

Having a lovely little space to call my own for my crafting and jewelry-creating has long been a dream of mine, and I am finally going to get the ball rolling on this! First things first: here's my craft area as of now:

The mandatory "before" picture.
We got the table at a garage sale a few years ago, and it's served me well; it's just time for something new with a lot more storage space. The top tends to be a clutter magnet, and I don't have much room to work unless I put everything away, which really puts a hamper on my creative process because then I can't see what I have.

The tackle box in the bottom-left foreground is what I use to transport my inventory and essentials to craft fairs and really gets in the way because it doesn't fit in the storage space under the table; the little cabinet-thing on the right is actually empty right now, I think. See - I don't even know what I have! The two boxes in front of the door are full of seed beads, half-finished projects, buttons, and other things which I inherited from my extremely craft-centric grandma, and I'd like to do something a little more accessible with them. Right now, they're blocking the door, which in turn is blocking the light switch to the room. Plus I have a few more boxes in the garage somewhere.

Off to the right, there's a closet that's just kind of full of stuff that we never unpacked when we moved here about four years ago. The drawer in the table is my tool drawer - you know how practically every kitchen has a "junk drawer", and how messy and unorganized it usually is, but if you're looking for something and can't find it, it's probably in the junk drawer somewhere? That drawer is pretty much my crafting junk drawer, and I want to change that.

My first step is to clear out the closet. Once that's done, I'll be able to actually see how much space I have to work with in there. Next will be to clear off and clean off the table - I'm thinking about switching my computer desk and craft table around, as my desk is an antique and isn't really comfortable to use with my mouse and keyboard because people didn't have such things back when it was made. ;) I might have to do some DIY on the table to convert it to a usable desk - there's a support leg underneath right where I want my legs to go - but I'll be able to better see what I need to do with it once it's cleared off.

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