Sunday, May 3, 2015

Five Things I Seem to Forget About Craft Fairs

Hi, everyone! I just completed my second craft fair yesterday, and since I've already done a few "What I've Learned" posts about craft shows - both during set-up and during the show itself - I thought this time I'd talk about some things that I completely forgot about, between one show and the next. :)

Memorial Middle School Drama Club Spring Fling Bazaar
Albany, OR - May 2, 1015

1. Craft shows are physically demanding.
One would think, oh, it's just standing around or sitting around, how hard can that be? Well, except then there's the unloading, reloading, reaching across the table, walking around to look at other booths or trying to find the bathroom, not to mention that just standing uses quite a few muscles on its own, and I did a lot of standing. My entire body is sore today, haha.

2. They can be emotionally demanding, too.
This one depends on whether you're an extrovert or an introvert (like me!). For me, I like talking with other people, but it wears me out, and after a while, I need a calm, quiet space to recharge - except I can't exactly do that when I still have three hours of the show to do. ;)

3. Jewelry takes a long time to set up.
I took note of which tasks took the longest to complete during the set-up last show, and I packed those displays ahead of time and plastic-wrapped them so that I could transport them easily, and I was still putting pieces up when the show started this time. (Set-up was much quicker this time than the last, though.)

4. Hand out business cards to anyone who seems interested.
Thankfully I picked up on this after the first customer who came by, said "I'll be right back," then disappeared, never to be seen again. This happened a few times at my first craft bazaar, and it happened probably ten times at this most recent craft bazaar, but nine out of those ten times, I remembered to hand them a card before they walked away.

5. You will forget something - and that's okay.
Last time, I forgot to make a sandwich the night before to bring for lunch, so I just packed up sandwich fixin's the morning of the show and made myself a sandwich during a slow time (which, coincidentally enough, was during lunch time). This time, I straight-up forgot a chair, but it was okay, because the event manager had a few chairs to provide to folks who forgot. As long as the thing you forget isn't something vitally important, like your inventory, it usually all works out. :)

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