Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Between tearing a shoulder muscle somehow and letting it heal up for three weeks, then catching either a spring cold or a sinus infection from allergies, plus having a fun birthday party for a now-three-year-old girl, and now preparing for another craft show in about three weeks, it's been busy around here! :) I haven't made many new pieces, but I've gotten quite a few new-ish pieces listed in my Zibbet shop

For the next week or so, I'm going to be focused on getting my displays up and running so that I don't have the huge set-up time the day of the fair like I did last time. I've already gotten new hooks for my pegboard display, plus necklaces draped on said hooks, and I wrapped the whole thing in plastic wrap so that I can keep the necklaces on there and it'll be easy to transport. I plan on doing something similar for my earring display. I ordered and received more business cards to use as earring hangers, so I'll actually be able to display more than half of my earrings (woo!). There's still plenty to be done - off the top of my head: updated inventory sheet, set up earring display, do up price tags, and do a "dress rehearsal" of my table - and I'm getting an early start on it. :D

If you're going to be in the Albany, Oregon area on May 2, swing on by! There'll be lots of vendors, including yours truly.

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