Monday, February 2, 2015

DIY Project: Trunk Makeover

When I moved out of my parents' house after college, they helped hook me up with everything I would need for my new place. A lot of it was from yard sales because hey, money doesn't grow on trees, and holy cow - college is expensive! Anyway, one of their finds was a perfectly usable, though dreadfully dark trunk/chest/lidded box (I prefer the term "trunk" even though that word evokes a box that's slightly fancier than the one in question).


It wasn't a bad box - certainly functional - but the colors were just so not me. It took me ten years to finally get around to painting it, but I finally did!

I did not go paint-shopping, because we had gallons of paint in the garage from our house's previous occupants, and it was a lovely off-white color. I also decided to use some fingernail polish to update the woven section and the handles. I decided on a "mixed metals" look.

My high-tech painting station all set up.

The first step was to paint the whole box in that off-white color. I knew that's what I wanted the main part of the box to be, and I figured it'd make the new colors for the woven part show up better. I used a rolled-up old sock to lay down the base coat as it covered a wide area, and because I am thrifty and wasn't going to spring for a new brush if I had something at home that worked just as well. (They call that "upcycling" now, right? :P) After slapping down two thick coats to cover the black, I put one more over the top with an actual sponge-brush, and somehow managed to get this wood-grain-esque texture to the paint. It looks pretty darn spiffy, if I may say so myself.

Base coat and handles painted.

I picked silver for the handles, and then I ran out of that silver polish, so the rest of the "silver" on the box is actually a glittery gunmetal color. It makes the handles stand out, plus it's a neat color.

Top in progress.

When it came to the woven part, I had a coppery color, a silver, and a gold. As it happens, the gold one that I had was so old that it dried out, and I haven't found a suitable replacement yet. Anyway, individually painting all the little woven parts took days. I could only paint for a little bit at a time because nail polish is stinky (go figure, haha) and even in a well-ventilated area, I got a little loopy. As a result, I've still only finished the top, with the front still to go. I'm totally skipping the back of it, though. You know what? I may even skip the gold. I think it looks really nice as-is (apart from the front still being all-white).

Finished-for-now product.

The trunk currently resides in a little corner by our front door, and holds our shoes.

Do you have a DIY project that you want to do, or have completed? Tell me about it in the comments! I love sharing tips and ideas. :)

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