Monday, December 8, 2014

Temporary Hiatus

My two online shops (at Zibbet and Tictail) are temporarily closed/on vacation while I recuperate from the holiday bazaar that I attended on Saturday. Quite a few items sold - I got hit by a flurry of activity right at the end, and I'm not even sure which exact items sold! So, I need to figure that out, as well as unlist items which I no longer have in my possession.


I'm also using the hiatus to restructure my stores and prices. I'll be creating a Clearance section for some of my older items, and I have newer items to photograph and list. There will also be a new section for a line of custom birthstone-color crystal jewelry: once I make some prototypes of different designs, I can photograph those and list those as examples. I'm really excited about that line in particular, because it means I won't have to have a bunch of items laying around waiting to be sold - they'll be created on demand, therefore saving me space. :D There are also some pieces that were created for the bazaar that I need to photograph and add to the shops, but that's at the end of my to-do list.

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