Thursday, December 4, 2014

Custom Order: Birthstone Bracelet

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to share some details for this custom order I've been working on. The client wanted me to make a birthstone bracelet for her daughter for Christmas, with stones representing the daughter, daughter's husband, and their kids. The client wasn't sure exactly what she wanted at first, so I had free creative reign for the initial designs, then she could pick which one she liked the best. The client had several creative options for each bracelet, such as order of beads and clasp type, and there was usually at least one variation per design. The client was also free to suggest changes to any of the designs if she so wished.

I wound up having to snail-mail some cleaned-up sketches to the client, because they were not photographing very clearly. I had created a wire-wrapped design, a design with charms, 

This, by the way, is why I love taking custom orders - look at all of that creative energy! The order was for one piece, but I came up with four designs, each with variations. Plus I'd been contemplating offering custom birthstone jewelry for quite some time, and this order was the kick in the pants I needed to get to work on it. Now, I have some designs worked out as templates for other birthstone jewelry. :)

The client wound up liking the one with charms the best, but wanted it as a necklace; there was still one more choice to make - to have the bead units in front of the stamped charms, or off to the side.

No idea how a white light winds up yellow in photos.

Spoiler alert: she liked the beads in front of the charms. It's kind of funny, because if it was me, I'd have picked the other design, so I'm glad that I asked, haha. This project was a lot of fun for me, and the client absolutely loved the necklace, which is even better! I love making custom pieces. :)

Do you want a custom piece of jewelry, designed and handcrafted just for you? Ordering from me couldn't be simpler - just email me at carly[dot]pohle[at]gmail[dot]com to get the process started. I will work with you, step by step, to make what you're looking for.

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