Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today's Project: Ear Cuffs

So, a while back, I posted about making some ear cuffs and how there were so many different design variations with them, and so on. Well, today, I decided to play around with the design for a bit, and I'd like to show you what I came up with. :)

Basic wire ear cuff by BokBok Jewelry
The first one is kind of a template for the others - a basic wire shape that looks nice on its own, but that can also be embellished. I took my old cuff (the one I posted about back in January), flattened it out, and pressed it into paper that was on top of a soft surface, so that the shape of the wire would "emboss" the paper. I then traced the wire shape that was left in the paper, and that became a template for making this particular design of ear cuffs. It made it so easy to make these cuffs!

Basic beaded ear cuff by BokBok Jewelry
The next cuff design I made looks an awful lot like the first one, but I wired a bead to the center of the cuff. I had originally shaped the cuff, then tried wiring the bead; it would have been easier if I had just found the center of the cuff wire, added the bead, then formed the cuff. I'm also curious to try just stringing the bead onto the cuff wire itself; I haven't tried it yet, but it may be easiest.

The last design I made uses the original, basic cuff form, to which I added a single bead dangle. It keeps a lot of the simplicity and minimalist look of the basic design, but the dangle adds some movement and color. (I could have done a better job on the bottom of the headpin with the bead, I admit, but this is just an example.) 
Ear cuff with bead dangle by BokBok Jewelry

From here, I plan to experiment with adding a bead directly onto the cuff wire, as well as making different cuff forms. These ear cuffs have been a lot of fun to make and play with, and best of all, they're something that I can make and wear for myself!  :)

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment to let me know!

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