Monday, July 7, 2014

So Much Wire, So Little Time

So, my dad recently brought over a bunch of copper wire he's collected over the years. I managed to sit down and sort through it a bit, and holy moly, there's a lot. I've got five or six coils of it, each coil being at least ten feet of wire by my estimation, plus another ten-ish-foot-long triple strand of it. Some of it's bright and shiny, and some needs some serious cleaning. So far, all I've done with it is to take a quick guess-timation of how much I have (yards and yards!) and the gauge of it (maybe 10- or 12-gauge? it's fairly thick), and I've made a few idea sketches and an idea list.

Taking a quick glance around the interwebs, I've found this post for cleaning and maintenance tips. I have enough materials that I can spare a bit for cleaning experiments; I'll keep y'all posted on which I've tried and if I find that they work or not. :)

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