Monday, May 5, 2014

Latest Project - Agate, Tigerseye, and Hematite Necklace

No better way to keep something a surprise than to put it on the internet, right?

Close-up of the agate focal.
I started work on this one today - don't tell my mom, but it's her gift for Mother's Day. ;) She helped me pick out most of these beads, years ago when I first started transitioning from macrame to stringing, and I think she'll really like it.

The focal is a disk of stone - agate, if I remember correctly - that has these really neat sunrise colors in it. It's partially see-through, so it shows up greenish on my blue beading board, but it's really yellow and reddish-orange. It's undrilled, so I picked out a goldish color of wire to wrap around it and make a bail. I strung it with tigerseye rounds and chips, hematite chips, antiqued brass beads shaped as hearts, gold-colored metal beads with a rose motif, and gold-colored glass beads. I originally didn't have the gold beads in there (they were more glass beads instead), but the necklace was just too dark and needed a little more shine, which is where the gold rose beads come in.

I don't normally put brown and black together, but the two colors were already there in the agate and the tigerseye, and I think the hematite is shiny enough to stand up to the other beads and not get lost. It's fun to push my own envelope sometimes. :)

The necklace is unfinished for now, because I want to get my mom over at the end of the week to measure it so it will hang where she wants it to. I plan to finish it with more of those glass beads - they'll leave a nice, smooth feel against the back of the neck, unlike the chips - and a brass toggle clasp.

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