Thursday, May 22, 2014

Latest Pieces

The upside to having a broken toe is that I've gotten lots of jewelry done! My photography skills are a little rusty, but check it out:

Updated, 5/23/14: When I posted this, I had forgotten about a bracelet and hair accessory! They're the first two photos below: 

Red and silver bracelet by BokBok Jewelry.
Acrylic beads, silver-tone findings.
The beads look magenta on my screen, but in real life,
they're this really deep, rich red.

Red and silver hair accessory by BokBok Jewelry
Acrylic, glass, and silver beads, plus craft feathers.
As the bracelet above, the red's not showing up right on the beads.
This piece is fairly lightweight and should stay in place with a good-quality bobby pin.

Green and white ombre set by BokBok Jewelry.
Stone chips with steel chain.

Pink and silver set by BokBok Jewelry.
Plastic and silver beads with steel chain.

Teal and yellow set by BokBok Jewelry.
Painted glass pearls, silver beads, and steel chain.

Red and smoky purple set by BokBok Jewelry.
Painted glass pearls, lampwork glass beads, silver beads, and steel chain.

Silver and pink set by BokBok Jewelry.
Pink pearly beads, steel chain, and silver-colored everything else.

Three simple pendant necklaces by BokBok Jewelry.
Plastic beads, silver rings, and steel chain.

Steel chain loop earrings by BokBok Jewelry.
One pair is pink and yellow, and the other is blue and orange.
Plastic beads, steel chain, and silver findings.

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