Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My 3 Favorite Color Inspiration Sites

As you may have guessed, color is a big part of what I do as a jewelry designer. Finding the perfect color for whatever I'm working on has always been a priority - even back in grade school, I remember spending way too much time mixing basic-colored Tempura paints (we had the primary and secondary colors, plus brown, black, and white) to get just the right hue of magenta for jungle flowers I was painting as a collaborative mural with my class. One time, I came up with this awesome hot-pink color in high school with similar paints - I think it was with orange and red in just the right proportions. It made for a wicked-cool sunset painting in art class.

Anyway, occasionally my own personal color "well" will run dry, and I have to look outside of my own imagination for color inspiration. Here are my top three sites for inspiring me to look at colors outside of my usual palette:

1. Design Seeds
"chi tones" by Design Seeds

This site, founded by designer Jessica Colaluca, features color palettes assembled by her, inspired by different photos. It's great for finding color combos that I may not have otherwise considered.

2. Colors on the Web

Color wheel by Colors on the Web
I use this site's color wheel when I'm feeling more adventurous, or if I want to see what the creative universe has to offer me. It generates three random colors out of 16 million or so, according to the description, and it's funny how often the combo works. You can also "hold" or keep a color that you like, and rando-generate the rest. Colors on the Web has other tools, plus some informative pages on color theory and lots of other great stuff that I honestly haven't had time to check out because I get distracted by the color wheel. :)

3. Colorspire
Color scheme designer by Colorspire

This site has a random color generator, too, but it has tools for you to create a swatch of your own. With the color wheel, you can easily pick out analogous colors, complementary colors, tertiary colors, and so on. Then, you compile them into your swatch.

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