Saturday, April 26, 2014

At Which Length Would You Wear This?

Water-inspired elemental necklace by BokBok Jewelry
The water-inspired pendant for my elemental line is done - finally! (By the way, "Modern LARP Jewelry" wasn't getting anywhere, so I changed the name of that particular line of jewelry to "Elemental Collection". Just so y'all know. :)) The stone is hand-painted (though not by me) and is one of a kind; I did all the wire-wrapping by hand, including the bottom of the pendant - that's not a decorative headpin! I did that! (Sorry, I'm just really, really excited about the way this turned out. I've done some wire-wrapping work before, but nothing like this.)

Anyway, I was originally going to string this with some blue glass pearls and some other blue beads, but as it happens, they're all the wrong color of blue for this pendant, so I'm going to keep it simple on some bright silver steel chain. I just have to decide on the length. I already asked on Facebook and Google+, but I'll ask here, too - how would you wear this pendant? Short? Medium? Long? Let me know! :)

By the by, I have one more solid design for the Elemental line, inspired by one of my favorite forces of nature: lightning. I'm still looking around for the right focal for that design, but I'll keep y'all posted.

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