Monday, February 10, 2014

The Importance of Proofreading

Depending on where I measure, this necklace can
have several very different lengths.
I really should have had someone else read my listing copy before sending it live. While adding listings to my stand-alone site today, I noticed that in my description of the measurement, I said a necklace was "16.5" from clasp to top of center bead".

My purpose was to explain that when I measured the length, I was measuring from the top of the necklace, not the bottom. As you can see, that would make quite the difference! Instead, the original description makes it sound like the necklace is twice as long as it actually is. This description has been like this since I first listed this necklace, back in 2012. I haven't checked quite yet, but I have a feeling this wasn't the only listing with this particular goof. D'oh! :)

Update: The good news is that that was a really easy fix, once I got the wording right. ^.^

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